Thomas T
16 years old
Web developper

My skills :
PHP : 85%
Html / Css : 95%
Javascript / jquery : 15%
SQL : 70%


I have a lot of projects, YiP for example is a social network based on the imagination of the users, The goal being show a lot of drawings in a social network

My secondary projects : Univers51, Stermers


YiP est un réseau social où le but est de partager vos créations graphiques que ce soient de simples gribouillis ou bien des chefs d'oeuvres.
Sa sortie en Beta ouverte est prévue pour le 1er janvier
YiP est disponible ici


Univers51 was a mini game project in web navigator, this project is in pause currently


Stermers is an intelligence artificial who recognize a sentence and say if the sentence is okay (And now she draw)


This section is not ready for this moment.